What is the process of Searching Train?

  1. Enter the train number or train name, a drop down will appear when you start typing name or number. Select the train, you want to travel with.

  2. Select the date on which train started its journey. Then press check and have patience to fetch the data from servers.

  3. After successful result a table will be appear which shows the status of the train according to the corresponding stations on the route. Green rows showing train have reached there, red parts show train have not reached there.



How online train status helps people to get on time?

Online Train Status is the website which helps the daily travelers of the country. By providing the basic needs of the checking the location of the trains runnings status of the Indian Railways.

The process we use to check the current location of the train is simple, a user just has to provide the details of the trains which he wants to travel. Then select the date on which he wishes to travel and then click on the check button. Then we process the data provided by the users for the different criteria according to which we carry out the given task of finding the train location in respect of the inputs provided by the users.

Online Train Status collects train data from the variety of different reliable sources, then after compiling the data from we present the best possible results to the user, according to his/her queries.

Indian Railways is a very big organization which give employment to more than 15 million peoples. India has few of the most breathtaking journeys in the world, which is ranging from Jammu in the north to Kanyakumari in the south covering the total distance of the around 4000 km.

We here on online train status helps in giving the detail about different trains running all around the country. But due to the huge amount of trains which runs daily its become very difficult to maintain the correct information of all the trains, as Indian trains timetables keep changing according to the given condition at that particular moment. So with online train status, we do not guarantee the accuracy of trains status either there current location nor timetable of any given day. But we every effort possible to maintain the highest accuracy of the information which is provided by us.

One of the many goals of the Online Train Status is to provide easy and user friends interface to the users of this site. For which we only included two options for them one is to provide train running status and other is to check running trains between two location on any day selected. And for the ease of use, we try to maintain load speed of the websites as fast as possible. Without making to users to wait for the huge data transfers.

Indian Railway is a kind of developing railway networks. And a huge population of the country is dependent on it. For their daily commuting as such, it becomes of vital importance for online train status to have updated information on the daily running trains as fast as possible for which. We here request all the users of the online train status to have a sense of social responsibility to inform about any kind of error or outdated information to report to the admin of the website by visiting the contact page of the website.

Trains in India are late quite often as such is it advisable to keep checking the status of your trains as frequently as possible to avoid missing of a train journey. Here we provide a table of stations on which trains are running and by how much time. The train is excepted to come to the respective station. The green bars in the tables show that train has reached that station and red bars on status tables show that it is yet to arrive on that station.

And often people want to book the train which they are wishing to travels, but we are still not able to provide booking facility to our users. In the near future, we hope to be working on that. But for now, you can book Indian trains from this site IRCTC

Hope you are able to find what you are looking for. For any complaints or suggestion do visit Contact Page