How to find PNR Status?

  1. Enter the PNR number alloted during the ticket reservation, in the input box.

  2. Click on the check button to generated the ticket reservation status of the PNR.

  3. If there are trains a table will show which show number of trains, with there running days. And time of source station and destination station.

PNR Number

What is check PNR status?

PNR status stands for passenger name record it is 10 digits random number allotted by CRIS. Whose sole job is to develop a system for the reservation of the railway tickets and its operation of the Indian railway.

PNR Status which are generated marks booking the ticket but that doesn't' guarantee traveling in the trains as the CRIS also a lot of waitlisting and RAC tickets. The sole purpose of the tickets is its confirmation that a person have bought a railway ticket which intended to be travelling. And that ticket can be used for the further references according to his requirement.

As shown on this website we are using the PNR number entered by the user to look into the confirmation probability of the tickets alloted, confirms if the ticket is clear and traveler can travel on that tickets on the train or else he has to look for the other train and book in that which is suitable for him.

How to check PNR status?

Check by entering your pnr number in the field provide on this page. You have to enter the PNR and press enter. Then a table will be generated which will give your ticket status according to the booking condition available at that time. PNR chart prepared will only be available 4 hours before the start of the journey. So make sure to check before that time to know the status of the ticket, if it was not confirmed at the first attempt.

There chances you can see errors on this page if you do not enter a proper PNR number or you are entering very old PNR. For which PNR data has been flushed.

What are the terms regarding PNR?

there are various PNR terms which one should be aware of during a train journey. Which can be useful at certain times like:

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