How to find train between station?

  1. Enter the station name or station code of the start of the journey, in the input box.

  2. Enter the station name or station code of the end of the journey, in the input box.

  3. Select the date for which you are looking the trains.

  4. If there are trains a table will show which show number of trains, with there running days. And time of source station and destination station.




Enter the date of Journey

Train Between Station Brief

Indian railways run a huge number of trains and for the new passenger, it becomes difficult to know train between the station of any location. Without proper research or for the newbies who are traveling or the tourist who majorly travels, for the first time. At some places in India.

As there is a huge number of places in India where tourist attraction is quite hugely popular, due to the diverse cultural difference in India. And also due to many religious and spiritual places to visit in India. All of this attracts a lot of tourists and spiritual soul to travel from one part of the country to the other part. In search of the in there destination.

And Indian railways do play a vital role in the country like India where it is the main source of traveling where anyone wants to travel. Indian Rail is one of the largest networks of rail transportation in the world. Which carries nearly 20 million passengers on average daily.

And cater to the need of 20 million passengers daily a proper portal to help the passenger has been created which is Train Status. Here anyone can know the location any train just by entering the name of the train or entering the number of the train which is assigned from

And at this page of the train between the station, one such problem of traveler is being solved which is to know the number of trains between any two station in the country. As people are not aware of the train running between the respective stations as such it helps them in traveling. As the trains runnings in the country are changed frequently one is advised to double check it by visiting the status page of the websites.

The total numbers of the station in the country are close to around 7000 and thus maintaining this much huge sets of data, sometimes prone to errors or updating so it is advisable to check it with the government sites provided above as no other private website provides 100% accuracy of data as well as we. But still, we use most trusted and reliable sources to gather this kind of data set.

The process of knowing the train between station is fairly easy. As describe in below in which first you have to enter the station code or name of the station in the start station input field along typing a drop down will appear if you type correct station and then choose the station according to your need. Then the same process has to repeat for the Destination station, you wish to travel up to. And then choose the correct date of traveling. And then press check button to process the result and fetch from the servers, which sometimes can take time according to the traffic and speed of the websites at that times.

After the result is fetched you will be presented with the table which has a list of different trains according to there traveling times sorted from 00:00 to 23:59 in the midnight. In the table, you will find the name of the station along with the train name and number and runnings days. Then in the next column, you will find source and destination of the train and total time train takes to cover the entire journey. And also various other features are to be added in the future in here.

Hope you are able to find what you are looking for. For any complaints or suggestion do visit Contact Page